Borrowing money: Lend money quickly from private & more

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If larger sums of money have to be raised immediately, many people reach their financial limits and there is a need for action. Some others, on the other hand, depend on outside capital in order to realize certain wishes quickly.

In both cases, the question arises: “Who can lend me money?” The answer is simple.

In principle, you have three options when you need fast money:

  • Loans from individuals (on online credit markets)
  • Online credit (thanks to special providers also possible despite Schufa)
  • Conventional loan from the house bank

In principle, all of these variants could be suitable for you. But each form of credit has other benefits and specifics.


What about your credit rating?

credit rating

In case of insufficient solvency and / or a negative Schufa entry we recommend:

  • Online loan despite Schufa of special providers
  • Credit of individuals as a possible alternative

However, if you have a sufficiently good credit rating and positive Schufa scores, you should first think of these variants:

  • Conventional online loan via credit comparison (often immediate payment)
  • Personal loan request with extremely flexible terms to be financed by private individuals


Where and how to lend money?

“I have good credit, but I just do not want credit “

  • Only way that stays: borrow money from private individuals.
  • Alternatively, certainly not a loan? A normal instant loan with 24 hours payout, best for small loans with very low interest rates


 “I do not get a loan for negative Schufa “

  • Even if the major German banks do not lend money in principle, if one owns negative Schufa entries, there are banks in Switzerland and Germany (these cooperate with foreign institutions), which lend despite negative Schufa loans. Especially with small loan amounts up to 5000 euros, the chances are very good. > to the credit comparison despite Schufa
  • Borrowing money from private individuals.


“I can not get a loan due to my unemployment “

  • Option 1: Special provider loan with a guarantor (for example husband, wife, friends, parents, children …) is no longer a problem at all.
  • Option 2: borrow money from private individuals.


“I do not get a loan because of my independence “

  • Almost every major bank does not lend money to the self-employed , especially those who do not have many years of positive earnings. But there are also banks that are self-employed and know that the self-employed can be just as good as many employees are.
  • Alternative: borrow money from private individuals.


Summary: The ways to borrow money

borrow money

Basically, you have the following options for lending money as quickly as possible. Ideally, the payment is made immediately, ie within 24 hours after the loan application. Borrow money today:

  • Borrowing money from individuals on online credit markets
  • Borrowing money by means of online credit in the credit comparison
  • Credit despite Schufa thanks to online special providers
  • Credit from the house bank

Otherwise, of course, you still have the opportunity to borrow money purely privately; So to ask friends or relatives. However, this is uncomfortable and if you want to borrow money immediately, these people will quickly reach their limits. Especially when it comes to large sums.

Online credit marketplaces have the advantage that lenders are also private individuals and these can often provide tremendous flexibility for you. Borrow money privately and immediately!


Why do private individuals lend money to strangers?

Why do private individuals lend money to strangers?

Now one wonders why private people borrow money from strangers. We explain the reasons for lending money to someone else. These investors basically have similar motivations to ordinary banks.

By the lending rates, the lenders expect a return in the medium term. Loaning private money using a P2P loan makes perfect sense for both sides and is a form of investment, just like many others.

Logically, individuals as lenders will only benefit from their investment if there is no default on the part of the borrower and thus the calculated return is not reduced or completely eliminated.


Borrow money immediately? Best online!

Borrow money immediately? Best online!

Many want to borrow money quickly today, no question. It is obvious that the Internet is predestined for this project. Many providers are able, of course, after a serious but swift examination of the loan application, to fulfill the desire to borrow money immediately.

The payment of the online loan is often only a few days after the initial application. Lending money made easy! On-line, there is the possibility to borrow money quickly from private, but also specialized online banks are represented on the market.


Conclusion: borrow money

borrow money

There are many ways to borrow money quickly and immediately. On the Internet, the benefits outweigh the classic house bank.

Unlike online, “risk groups” such as the self-employed, unemployed, housewives and students also have a good chance of lending money quickly. A prerequisite for this, however, is also a sufficiently good credit rating.

Borrowing money: today and with reputable funders? As you can see, this – as well as – is absolutely not an impossibility.