25 Bangladeshi recruitment agencies to send workers to Malaysia

Photo: Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources


Photo: Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources

A total of 25 Bangladeshi recruiting agencies and 250 sub-agencies are expected to be involved in recruiting migrant workers for Malaysia, reports the Malaysiakini news portal citing sources.

Sources familiar with bilateral negotiations leading to a new agreement signed by the two governments confirmed the deal to Malaysiakini.

Malaysiakini reviewed a document containing a graphic outlining the process of recruiting and proposed repatriation of Bangladeshi workers.

According to the document, various stages of the recruitment process – from employers’ application to arrival – should be completed through the Centralized Management System for Foreign Workers (FWCMS).

He also said that a Malaysian employer can directly get in touch with the chosen Bangladeshi recruiting agent or appoint a Malaysian agent to facilitate the recruitment process.

On December 19, Bangladeshi Minister of Expatriate Welfare Imran Ahmed and Malaysian Minister of Human Resources M Saravanan signed a new five-year labor recruitment agreement that lifted the freeze imposed since September 1 2018.

Saravanan, however, did not disclose specific terms of the MoU, including recruitment costs and whether there was a limit set on the number of Bangladesh recruitment agencies allowed to send workers to Malaysia. , the Malaysiakini report said.

In Malaysia, migrant rights group Tenaganita was among those urging the government to disclose the terms of the memorandum of understanding, raising concerns over the possible takeover of a so-called “union” that had been attributed. in the past to high recruitment costs and other labor abuses.

The previous deal suspended by the former Malaysian government involved 10 Bangladeshi recruitment agencies and their associates.