4 ways to use digital technologies to develop your employer brand

If there is one word that defines the world today, it is DIGITAL. Economies, currencies, wallets, factories, machines, workplaces have all transformed to the point that even people today are called “Digital Natives”.

According to the World Economic Forum, $100 trillion will be added to the global economy through digital transformation by 2025. Statista Research The ministry said that in April 2022, there were five billion internet users worldwide, or 63% of the world’s population. Of this total, 4.65 billion, or more than 93%, were social media users.

So if you want your employer brand to be a superpower for your talent attraction and engagement goals, there’s no way for you as an employer to ignore the power of digital technologies like AI, AR/VR, chatbots, social media, etc.

You can use technology and digital platforms to convey compelling employee stories, deliver an engaging brand experience, and engage with their target audiences more successfully to increase the appeal of your employer brands.

Here are the top four ways digital technologies can help you build and monitor your employer brand.

1. Social media campaigns boost your employer brand 10x

It is common knowledge that today, having a significant presence on social networks is crucial. Most recruiters agree that social media is the perfect platform to quickly grow and expand your recruiting brand. Additionally, social media has given hiring managers plenty of opportunities to build a strong employer brand and gain knowledge about the current recruiting environment. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Spotify and Twitter have become effective recruiting engines and effective employer branding tools. If you engage every employee to share their work stories, you automatically channel their extended networks to strengthen your employer brand. This is called 10X power.

You can additionally use programmatic advertising to generate targeted talent For Your Business.

2. A conversational, mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized BOT-run career site can really heighten your employer experience

Above all, recruiters need to understand that posting jobs on job boards is not enough to attract candidates. A great way to boost your employer branding is to invest in a branded job website. To communicate directly with the different groups of your target audience, you can also use effectively personalized landing pages. To encourage people to learn more about your company and apply for available positions, you can also include basic talent network forms. However, make sure your smart career website is mobile friendly. Plus, it should be search engine optimized so potential employees can find you from anywhere in the world. You can use chatbots, video bots to chat in real time with talents to answer their frequently asked questions in a fun way. and in an engaging way. Or add interactive videos of leaders, talents, diverse talents, recruiters, and more. to share what it’s like to work for your brand.

3. Experiment with Metaverse to become an employer branding market leader

Once you’ve found the perfect talent for a given job opportunity, how will you engage or start conversations or open their minds to work with you?

Develop a creative campaign in the metaverse to speak directly with your target demographic and generate interest in the position by sharing interesting content, AR/VR games, or digital interview via the metaverse where your company’s leaders and candidates can adopt digital avatars and have an engaging conversation about building a career within your organization. You can even host employee inductions, trainings, town hall meetings, product launches, family days, and more on the metaverse to spruce up your digital connection with your employees and their families.

4. Using Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics Can Help You Improve Your Recruitment Marketing

Imagine if your ai talent bots could spot your niche talent on the internet and send them your recruitment ad and generate interest to apply instantly?

Or even better understand what your talent loves more apps, games, blogs, connecting with leaders and prioritizing your brand’s personalized content to pique their interest?

By using employer branding technology correctly, you can quickly gauge the effectiveness of specific elements of your employer branding plan, such as job descriptions, email updates, social media campaigns, hackathons, thought leadership events, and career site pages.

To summarize:

As the world moves away, the whole world becomes our talent market.

Engaging your workforce digitally through mobiles, apps, and social media channels is therefore essential to create far-reaching effects for your employer brand and talent engagement. Make the right technology investments now to take your employer brand to new heights.

(The author is Ms. Amandeep Kaur, Founder and CEO, Phoenix TalentX Branding and the opinions expressed in this article are her own)