A recruiter remains “disgusted” as the employer calls the candidate “too big for the job”


The recruiter said he was furious at the employer’s horrific comments. (Image for representation / Shutterstock)

Faye Angeletta, the recruiter told the employer that the reason for rejecting the respective candidate was not correct.

A recruiter recently showed up to share amazing news that she had to divulge to one of the applicants who could not be selected for the job because the employer felt she was too fat . The name of a candidate has been proposed for a commercial position by Faye Angeletta, director of a real estate recruitment firm. When she asked for a response from the employer regarding the candidate, she was unhappy with the disgusting comments.

Faye shared a screenshot of the text message she received from the employer that said, “The interview went well and she has a good understanding of the area, but the fact that bothers me is is that she is not thin. ” The employer went on to say that while he did not clearly reject her, the whole – the experience and the appearance – was a key to them.

Take a look at the full post that was shared by Faye on her linkedin profile.

Faye told the employer his reason for rejecting the affected candidate was not correct. The lady is fighting cancer and she takes steroids for it. The candidate was eventually pulled from hiring by Faye but she also informed the employer that the company was not interested in working for him.

Faye went on to explain that jobs can require presentation and good looks. But is that the only criteria for a business or an employer, they should try to recruit through a modeling agency.

Faye was furious at the employer’s horrific remarks, as she informed Ladbible, “On the phone he said, ‘Well you know I’m worried about the stairs we have in the showroom. or she has a heart attack “.”

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