Are you looking for a job through a recruitment agency? These are the rules they must follow

So, if you are considering getting hired through a recruitment agency, it is important to know the rules they are required to follow under the new guidelines.

The resolution covers recruitment agencies, mediation agencies (agencies that offer mediation services between parties in matters of labor relations) and temporary and subcontracting agencies. The resolution provides specific guidelines for each type of agency.

Here is a list of responsibilities as outlined by the Ministerial Resolution:

1. All types of agencies are required to draw up precise contracts in accordance with labor laws.
2. They are also required to keep worker records containing contact details of workers, employers and beneficiaries for at least two years.
3. Mediation agencies are required to ensure that they return workers to the country where they were recruited and to cover the costs thereof. They are also liable for damage caused to others as a result of its activities if it is proven that the agency did not respect the terms of an agreement with an employer or a beneficiary and the failure of the worker to submit to the medical examination required.
4. The obligations of a temporary work agency and a subcontracting agency also include the performance of the legally established obligations of any employer with respect to a worker, and the agency may not, under any circumstances, case, fail to fulfill these obligations due to a beneficiary (the company using the agency’s service) not respecting their agreement.
5. The agency shall also not employ minors who are not permitted to work under applicable UAE laws or receive money or commission. MOHRE will require agencies to provide relevant recognition.

Any business based in the United Arab Emirates using the services of these agencies must also fulfill certain obligations, in accordance with the new resolution.

These include:
• Meet all occupational health and safety requirements for workers commensurate with the nature of their work and the risks of their profession, in accordance with applicable legislation.
• Not assigning a worker to work or service outside the general scope of their agreed duties.
• Prohibit workers from working more hours than the total number of hours agreed with the agency, except under the provisions and controls on overtime stipulated in the decree-law, the relevant regulations and executive decisions and after agency approval.
• Provide workers with written instructions on their required tasks, within the general framework agreed with the agency.
• Provide an attendance sheet before sending workers to their agencies, noting in writing any reservations expressed by workers on the content of the sheet.