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UP Police Recruitment 2022 for 534 Vacancies: Check Positions, Eligibility & How to Apply Here

UP Police Recruitment 2022: The Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board (UPPRPB) has invited applications from qualified sports men and women who are eligible for direct recruitment for the posts of Civilian Police Constable in the Uttar Pradesh Police -2022 against 534 vacancies. Among the candidates, who meet the eligibility criteria for the position of Civilian Police Officer, can apply in accordance with the recruitment instructions notified by the UP Police Recruitment and Promotion Board in the recruitment advertisement of the attached UPPBPB 2022.

Online application/registration for Direct Recruitment of “Qualified Athletes” for the position of Civilian Police Constable in Uttar Pradesh Police is expected to commence on 1st October 2022. Athletes who fully meet the eligibility criteria for Direct Recruitment for the post of Civilian Police Officer may be able to apply once the UP Police Recruitment and Promotion Committee once a detailed recruitment advertisement is posted. The provisional number of vacant positions is probably 534 (335 positions for men and 199 positions for women).

Method of application: Eligible candidates must apply online with the testimonials to be uploaded and the application fee to be paid online.

Selection steps: Direct Recruitment of Qualified Athletes to Civilian Police Constable () in Uttar Pradesh Police Force consisting of 05 stages comprising; Stage I: Sport Skill Test; Stage II: Verification of documents; Stage III: selection and final merit list; Stage IV: medical examination and stage V: character and background check.

Recruitment process: The selection of Qualified Sportsmen (Men and Women) will be done in accordance with the Uttar Pradesh Police No-Tour Recruitment and Promotion Rules (Qualified Players) 2021.

The Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board (UPPRPB) will conduct a sports skills test for 80 points for both male and female applicants. Those who achieve a minimum of 50 qualifying points and above will be considered fit and eligible for selection. On the contrary, those who fail to qualify with the minimum of 50 qualifying points will be declared unfit and ineligible for the selection process.

Sports aptitude test: 80 dots

Adjustment: 50 points or more

Unfit: less than 50 points

Final selection list: The UP Police Recruitment and Promotion Board will prepare the final selection slate taking into account the candidates’ Athletic Ability Test scores awarded by the Athletic Ability Test and the scores awarded by the Selection Committee . In the event of a TIE, the TIE resolution criteria will be applied for the final selection. (A detailed explanation is mentioned in the next part of this article.

The whole standard-100 was divided into 01) Sport Ability Test (SKT) for 80 points and 02) Assessment of
1) Sports certificate for 20 Marks.

2) Sports Skill Test (Integer 80 points)

FIT (adapted): 50 points or more

UNFIT (Unsuitable): less than 50 points

Check Eligibility Details Below for UP Police Recruitment 2022

Job Opportunity: Direct recruitment of qualified sportsmen to Civilian Police Constable posts in Uttar Pradesh Police.

Name of Employer: Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board

List of positions: Gendarme of the civil police (CCP)/of the provincial armed gendarmerie (PAC), of the equestrian police (EP)

Recruitment methodology: Direct recruitment

Age limit (as of 01.07.2022): General Merit applicants must be at least 18 years of age and not older than 22.

To note: The Directorate General of Police (DGP) in Special Circumstances grants a Relaxation at the Minimum Age and at the Maximum Age in order to Motivate Qualified Sportsmen.

Selection methodology: Final merit list

Minimum Educational Qualification: Athletes deserving for the position of Constable in the Civil Police (CCP) / Provincial Armed Gendarmerie (PAC), Equestrian Police (EP) must have passed the Intermediate Level (Standard XII) of the duly recognized board established by law.

Sport-related qualification:

Applicants must have competed in one of the following sport categories:

01. National Sports

02. The National Championship (Junior/Senior)

03. National Federation Cup (Junior/Senior)

04. The All India Interstate Championship

05. The All-India Intercollegiate Tournament

06. The world of school sport (under 19)

07. The National School of Sports (Under 19)

08. Indian Police Sports Competition

In case the candidate/athlete is recruited on the basis of individual outstanding achievements but has not fulfilled the minimum educational qualification, he/she is admitted on the condition that he/she completes the minimum education within 05 years of recruitment / Appointments. During this period, individuals will continue to be treated as interns.

In case he or she does not fulfill the minimum education qualification within 05 years, he or she is liable to be removed from office.

Any sportsman having participated in the competition at national/international, junior or senior level organized by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) or the International Olympic Association (IOA) and their affiliated sports federations or the Indian police sports competitions organized under the aegis of the All-India Police Sports Control Board or All India University (AIU) Competitions recognized by the All-India University Association (AIUA) which has won medals or may have participated in the last 02 years of the year of recruitment announced in one of the Sports Disciplines, then He/She would be recruited as a Qualified Sportsman.

Details of vacancies for male and female candidates, among the different sports categories; namely, 01. archery; 02. Arm wrestling; 03. Athletics; 04. Badminton; 05. Basketball; 06. Bodybuilding; 07.Boxing; 08. Cross-country skiing; 09. Cycling; 10. Horse riding; 11. Fencing; 12. Soccer; 13.Golf; Gymnastic; 14. Handball; 15.Hockey; 16. Judo; 17. Kabaddi (Kabaddi Circle/Kabaddi Beach); 18. Karate; 19. Kho-Kho; 20. Lawn tennis; 21.Pencak silat; 22.Powerlifting, 23.Rifle shooting; 24. Sepaktakra; 25. Shooting sports; 26. Swimming; 27. Table tennis; 28.Tennis; 29.Taekwondo; 30. Volleyball; 31.Yoga; 32.Water sports; 33. Fight; 34. Weightlifting and 35. Wushu respectively, are as follows:

Details of vacancies in the Male Sportsmanship category: 335 vacancies in total
01. Archery: 12 vacancies
02. Athletics: 57 vacancies
03. Badminton: 06 vacancies
04. Basketball: 13 vacancies
05. Boxing: 11 vacancies
06. Cross-country skiing: 08 vacancies
07. Cycling: 06 vacancies
08. Football: 20 vacancies
09. Gymnastics: 12 vacancies
10. Handball: 12 vacancies
11. Hockey: 20 vacancies
12. Judo: 10 vacancies
13. Kabaddi (Cercle Kabaddi / Plage Kabaddi): 10 vacancies
14. Shooting sports: 14 vacancies
15. Swimming: 21 vacancies
16. Table tennis: 04 vacancies
17. Taekwondo: 08 vacancies
18. Volleyball: 10 vacancies
19. Water sports: 42 vacancies
20. Wrestling: 20 vacancies
21. Lifting: 10 vacancies
22. Wushu 09 Vacancies

Female Sportsmanship Category Vacancies Details: 199 Total Vacancies:
01. Archery: 10 vacancies
02. Athletics: 46 vacancies
03. Badminton: 04 vacancies
04. Basketball: 10 vacancies
05. Boxing: 08 vacancies
06. Cross-country skiing: 06 vacancies
07. Cycling: 04 vacancies
08. Hockey: 12 vacancies
09. Judo: 10 vacancies
10. Kabaddi (Cercle Kabaddi / Plage Kabaddi): 10 vacancies
11. Shooting sports: 08 vacancies
12. Swimming: 19 vacancies
13. Tennis: 02 vacancies
14. Taekwondo: 08 vacancies
15. Volleyball: 10 vacancies
16. Wrestling: 18 vacancies
17. Lifting: 08 vacancies
18. Wushu: 06 vacancies

Selection criteria: The selection of qualified sportsmen (for Civilian Police Officer posts in Uttar Pradesh Police) deemed suitable will be decided according to the procedure adopted by the Selection Committee. Selection to the Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board

Notified Posts have 05 Steps as shown below:

Step 1: Sport Skill Test

Step 2: Document verification

Step 3: Selection and Final Merit List

Step 4: Medical examination

Step 5: Character and background check

The Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board, after preparing the final merit list, will forward it along with the recommendation to the Head of Department under Personality Verification regarding the appointment of candidates based on the list of merit.

Registration fees: Rs.400.00

Payment method: Online via SBI account title: 007060800140000

How to Apply for UP Police Recruitment 2022

Log on to the Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board website:

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