Choppies Enterprises: Retailer sever ties with recruiting agency … Ndjendjela says AR claims are unfounded


Retailer Choppies has, with immediate effect, severed ties with the Namibia, owned by politician Gottlieb Ndjendjela.

Ndjendjela confirmed to New Era that he signed the contract termination document, but was quick to say that the “baseless” allegations against him had nothing to do with it.

The abrupt termination of the contract comes a week after the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement approached the retailer’s management, complaining that EPSN’s conduct was exploiting workers.

“These allegations had nothing to do with the layoff. This is something we discussed some time ago. We had an issue where our employees informed us that one of the Choppies the management sexually harassed the workers, so it all started from there, ”he said without going into the matter further.

“I want to clarify that there is nothing that we take away from workers as mentioned. We operate legally, just like any other recruitment agency. These are our employees with whom we enter into contractual employment contracts, where everything is stated The company for which we provide employees pays us, and in return we pay the workers as agreed.

Rather, it is a security company that won a tender. The client pays the contracted security company, which in turn pays the guard, based on the salary agreement. So this is also happening with EPSN, “he continued.

EPSN is an agency owned by Ndjendjela, which acts as an intermediary between employers and employees.

To this extent, EPSN is responsible for the payment of salaries. However, there are concerns that the agency has deducted huge sums and only pays peanuts to the workers who do the actual work.

“You are hereby given notice that Choppies Supermarket Namibia is terminating the agreement with EPSN for the provision of personnel services to Choppies points of sale across Namibia, what agreement was reached on December 2, 2019“, wrote the retailer in a statement dated September 30, then signed by Ndjendjela on October 1.

Choppies further stated that he would pay EPSN a lump sum for the premature termination of the contract.

AR Revolutionary union (UK) in their latest statement vowed to continue leading the struggle of the slaughtered workers.

“Where and when a system seems to oppress, isolate and subjugate, it is the responsibility of revolutionaries to rebel,” said AR activist Benedick Louw.

Moreover, the union will not allow the “capitalist exploiting class” to continue to mistreat the workers under their watch.

“We will cooperate, if necessary. We will advise, but we will also fight if necessary,” he stressed.

Ndjendjela insisted he had evidence to counter all the allegations made as he fought for his innocence.

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