Closing the gap between IITs/IIMs and other institutes in the recruitment market

Unstop (formerly Dare2Compete), an ed-tech HR startup founded by Ankit Aggarwal, has grown into the largest online community of unstoppable people who engagen online coding challenges, case competitions, quizzes, hackathons, etc. regularly. Today, the company serves more than + 3.1 million users of More than 40,000 companies in all fields and colleges.

What started as a blog in an IMT Ghaziabad hostel room has grown into a thriving technology platform for businesses to connect and hire students from B-Schools, engineering schools and working professionals.

Uncork and its CEO have come a long way from when the company was a blog in 2009 and has now grown into a multi-million dollar business.

The booted startup recently celebrated the completion of six years of impacting millions of people. He has helped companies like Walmart, Flipkart, Reliance, Myntra, Aditya Birla Group, L’Oreal, Juspay, Ather Energy, Uber, and Amazon, among others, recruit, screen, and manage their talent acquisition. needs while building their employer brand. Today, the startup offers a wide range of engagement and hiring solutions, including hackathons, online coding and case study competitions, quizzes, and business simulation games.

Why are companies and students drooling over Unstop?

As a strong advocate for equality and diversity, Unstop is committed to having a positive impact on the recruitment industry. It helps companies run campaigns that ensure that all applicants, regardless of gender, university, academic background, or past academic performance, have equal opportunity to showcase their talent.

Unstop aims to democratize hiring and engagements. Ask companies to

#GoBeyondResumes and hire the best candidates overall rather than candidates from the best institutes.

Students from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply for jobs at top companies through gamification recruitment tools such as hackathonsonline coding contests and case study challenges. This young startup has worked with companies across the board to help them address the imbalance that exists in campus and fresher recruiting.

Flipkart’s Flagship Off-Campus Hiring Challenge – Grid, is a good example. Engineers from all over India are invited every year by Flipkart to compete for high paying positions irrespective of IIT/NIT tags. Highly appreciated by students, the competition boasts over one lakh student enrollment every year!

Regardless of company size, age or industry, Unstop has successfully and effectively changed the recruiting game for many. Intellect has hired more than 300 people candidates through a single campaign. They not only democratized their hiring process, but also tapped into a huge pool of potential in a seemingly shorter timeframe.

Along the same lines, beating the campus hiring disparity, Juspay deployed 2610 PUPs (direct interviews). With more than a thousand registrations, Juspay has so far organized three recruitment hackathons (Juspay Developers Hiring Challenge). When done right, these hackathons can be the most cost-effective methods of recruiting talent and innovators into a business.

The startup aims to solve the ever-increasing problem of finding a suitable candidate in a very short period of time by directly connecting employers with talent around the world.

Various hiring managers have viewed this student community and engagement platform as a reliable source for finding candidates based on their skills, location, interests, and more. They all agreed on one thing: the algorithm for hosting a personalized recruiting hackathon made things easy. Once companies have found their ideal candidate, they can deploy an offer directly from the platform.

Walmart Code Hers was one of those custom hackathons. This diversity hackathon was explicitly designed for PAN India’s girl coders and the results were astounding!

Walmart exceeded its gender diversity mandates by hire more than 300 coders of all engineering schools. They responded to (even exceeded) demand in comparatively shorter time without any hassle and addressed gender diversity and inclusion standards.

The idea is simple, turn a deaf ear in a competitive market by diversifying their recruitment strategy. The goal is to choose the best talent of a large pool of otherwise inaccessible talent with less financial resources and time. And above all, test candidates’ skills accurately and without bias.

Unstop is a game changer for many. Students flock to the platform to participate in hackathons, online coding contest, jobs and internships, webinars, quizzes, recruitment challenges, online courses, scholarships and cultural activities. Students are impressed with this platform as they can not only hone their skills but also get discovered by top startups and industry giants.

There is so much to do and learn. For example, their recent IGNITE session for B-School students was conducted to calm their nerves and give them some much-needed advice. This annual session brought together over 10,000 viewers from over 30 B schools, a representation of top campus recruiters such as Reliance, Asian Paints, Flipkart, The Coca-Cola Company, HUL and TAS, to name a few. -ones, as well as the famous comedian Rahul Dua!

So if you’re looking for an opportunity to learn and grow, there’s no better place to start than Unstop. You never know what might be around the corner – so why not start today and be unstoppable.