Concordia is one of Montreal’s Top Employers 7 times in a row

For the seventh consecutive year, Concordia is one of Montreal’s top employers. The university is one of only 14 organizations to make the annual list since 2016.

The competition — organized by the editors of Canada’s Top 100 Employers — evaluates applicants based on a set of criteria that include physical work environment; health, financial and family benefits; holidays and leave; and communications with employees.

So what drives the university’s strong results year after year?

As Concordia President Graham Carr explains, much of the university’s success is based on the work that faculty and staff do every day, including their efforts in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

“We make it very clear in our recruiting that this commitment to EDI and accessibility is fundamental to us,” says Carr.

“We really believe that diversity is an important ingredient for us to be more innovative. If you have different points of view around the table to discuss issues, you will end up making better decisions.

Valuing representation

Since joining the Equity Office last fall, Bofta Weldetnsae has seen a genuine effort by the university to emphasize EDI and do good for every member of the Concordia community.

“The work being done on campus to create a more equitable experience for students, faculty and staff is transformative,” says Weldetnsae, who is an equity advisor. “I’m really proud to be part of this team.”

She points out that in 2020 alone, Concordia launched the Equity Office and the Black Perspectives Office (BPO), as well as the creation of the President’s Task Force on Anti-Black Racism.

In addition, she notes that the work of the Equity Office builds on the efforts of other leaders such as the Aboriginal Directions, the Access Center for Students with Disabilities, the Center for the defense of women’s rights and the BPO.

“The fact that EDI is formalized in a very intentional way is important because this kind of institutional support carries a lot of weight,” says Weldetnsae.

Carr agrees and points out that initiatives like the EDI Action Plan are not just about ticking boxes.

“It’s about valuing that representation in a way that will make us a better organization and a more innovative workplace,” he says.

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