Deloitte named one of the 50 Best Employers for Women

Deloitte is today named to The Times’ 50 Best Employers for Women 2022 list for the seventh year in a row. The list, which is published in partnership with Business in the Community (BITC), recognizes Deloitte as one of the top 50 organizations that continues to make gender equality a priority.

Deloitte has launched new policies over the past year to support inclusion across the firm. This includes giving its employees choice of when and where to work and introducing new policies such as the “Ally Toolkit” and the “Better Balance Framework” to promote alliance between the sexes. . In addition, Deloitte launched its “Future Leaders Program” this year. This program aims to improve the representation of women and underrepresented ethnic groups in leadership positions.

Jackie Henry, Managing Partner People and Purpose at Deloitte, said:

“Our place on the Times 50 Best Employers for Women list reaffirms our goal of creating an inclusive workplace that empowers women to succeed and thrive in the workplace.

“I recognize the broader societal challenges women face in the workplace and in their careers. A recent study by Deloitte Global found that women in the UK report widespread job burnout and that a lack of flexible working opportunities continues to hamper career progression for working women. Addressing these challenges is not just an issue for women, but an issue that business leaders should embrace to support their workforce.

“We are developing and advancing our gender balance action plan while continuing to prioritize the recruitment, development and retention of women at all levels of our organization. I am personally committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace where all genders have the opportunity to thrive at work.

Miriam Earley, Director of Inclusion and Wellbeing at Deloitte UK, said:

“We continue to put in place various interventions and policies to support gender balance. Our shift to hybrid working has had a positive impact on our people, with 96% saying they want the freedom to choose how flexible their work is. Our policies support working parents and those with family responsibilities.

“As part of our growing range of actions, our Future Leaders program offers tailored development as well as senior sponsorship for 500 female and ethnic minority colleagues.”

Katy Neep, Director of Gender Equality at Business in the Community, said:

“The cost-of-living crisis that closely followed the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on women has further shed light on how far we need to go on gender equality. Without action from all employers, we will end up running after our backs while trying to eradicate inequalities and create truly inclusive workplaces for all women. The Times Top 50 gives us hope that we are making strong progress towards our goal of gender equality and, in our 40th year, we call on all employers to be bolder, braver and faster to achieve this goal.

“This year’s application process was the most competitive we have ever seen. Employers like Deloitte have not slowed down when it comes to supporting women in the workplace and they are a great example of what the commitment to make gender inequality a thing of the past looks like. .