Demystifying apprenticeships with employer training and apprenticeships at Gloucestershire College

With one of the largest portfolios of apprenticeship programs in the region, strong partnerships with over 1,200 local employers, and an exceptional team of business consultants, training coordinators, assessors and speakers, Gloucestershire College offers 47 learning programs covering engineering, construction, cyber, IT, hospitality, hairdressing, business, professional services, dental, education and early childhood.

We asked members of the Employer Training and Apprenticeship team to address some of the most common misconceptions about apprenticeships they hear from local employers…

#1 Apprenticeships are not relevant to my industry or business

“Apprenticeship is an attractive option for almost all industries. While traditionally apprenticeships started in areas such as engineering and business, they now cover a range of sectors including cyber and IT, marketing, dental, human resources and management.

“Even if your company doesn’t think that way, more and more talented people do! It is the companies that offer them opportunities that will attract these talents. »

“Talk to us first. We can give you all the details, so you can make an informed decision about whether an apprentice is what you are looking for. Ellie Jevons, Senior Corporate Sales Executive and Apprenticeship (construction and construction services, accounting, marketing)

#2 Apprenticeship is only for young people

“Anyone who wants to upgrade, retrain and acquire relevant skills in another career sector can become an apprentice.

“I train older, more experienced apprentices who are looking to develop their existing skills with a knowledge base and qualification that will allow them to access other opportunities. Apprenticeship allows them to continue their development in their current position but with a recognized qualification at the end of it. – Dianne Baker, Evaluator (Leadership and Management, Business Services)

#3 Apprentices do not stay with their employer once they are qualified

“In our experience, about 9 out of 10 GC apprentices stay with their employer after completing their apprenticeship. I always tell employers who are considering hiring a new apprentice or developing their employees through an apprenticeship, that it is one of the best investments in the future success of their business. Apprentices often become your most loyal employees. – Sian Pirone, Senior Business & Apprenticeship Sales Executive (Hospitality, Dental, Hair & Beauty, Automotive, Early Childhood)

#4 Hiring an apprentice is expensive and time-consuming

“It is essential to first understand the employer’s responsibilities, funding, eligibility and processes for recruiting an apprentice.

“For example, many employers are still unaware of government funding available for apprenticeships, as well as funding for more than 18 apprentices and whether they are able to commit to an apprenticeship as a mature student. .

“As a training provider, Gloucestershire College will guide you through the process specific to your needs and answer any questions you may have. We even offer a free recruitment service for employers looking to hire new talent. »Sarah Thorne, Senior Corporate Sales Executive and Apprenticeship (Education, Local Authorities, Construction and Housing Sectors)

#5 Apprenticeships are not for current employees

“Employers often forget that they can upgrade the skills of their existing staff through apprenticeships rather than having to recruit new employees.

“We work with many organizations that use learning to upskill and retrain their existing workforce. This can be to address key skills gaps in their business or to boost employee motivation by investing in their development and
improve employee retention rates.

“Experienced employees may be looking to gain formal qualifications in their area of ​​specialization, or they may want to completely change their career focus and retrain – anyone, regardless of age, has a variety of training and development options to pursue the career of his dreams.”Jade Wilce, Senior Corporate Sales Executive and Apprenticeship (Engineering, IT and Cyber)

As Gloucestershire’s 2022 Training Provider of the Year and trusted partner to over 1200 local businesses, Gloucestershire College is committed to delivering excellence to our apprentices and employers.

We understand the skills needs facing industry sectors and offer apprenticeships, part-time and short courses in a wide range of fields. Our employer training and learning team will listen to your needs and requirements and advise you on suitable training programs for your business.

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