Employer tells recruiter he doesn’t want to hire a woman because she is “too fat”


A recruiter revealed she was “at a loss for words” after a potential employer refused to hire someone because they were supposedly too fat.

London hiring manager Faye Angeletta said she had heard several bizarre reasons employers turned down applicants throughout her career, but nothing like it.

Following an interview with the candidate, the anonymous employer told Angeletta: “The only thing that bothers me is that she is not the thinnest girl… I am not a tailor but it was rather off-putting.

“Presentation is important to us and you know we have a ‘standard’ for our staff. “

The employer also told Angeletta that appearance was a key criteria for the role, which surprised her.

Angeletta removed the candidate from the process after the shocking message

They wrote in a post on LinkedIn: “It’s an industry full of gorgeous people to die for. In customer-facing roles, there is a wait for the presentation and obviously you have to watch the play on the spot.

“However, if you want to recruit on the basis of looks rather than ability, maybe try a modeling agency.”

Speaking to Indy100, Angeletta got angry and described the comments as “superficial” and “arrogant.”

They were particularly odd given that the candidate market is currently lacking in talent, she added.

In the past, Angeletta has had applicants rejected by employers for having “garlic blast,” for petting their cat on Zoom like “Dr. Evil,” or simply for reminding interviewer Piers Morgan.

She found this latest incident to be a step too far and decided to remove the candidate from the ongoing process for the post.

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She also told her client that she was no longer interested in working for them.

Angeletta explained: “As an employer, you are free to share your concerns with a recruiter about the candidates presented, but there is a limit when it becomes discriminatory and downright insulting.

“Think twice about the words you choose when providing feedback, the candidate deserves to know why it’s a no but not to feel intimidated by the process.

“Constructive feedback which can provide points for the candidate for improvement for future interviews is the best thing you can give to an unsuccessful candidate. That and basic respect!”

The candidate in question has now been able to find another role.

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