Home Office adds six new services, including ‘change of employer’, to Metrash2

As part of the simplification and digitization of Interior Ministry services, six new services have been added to Metrash2, the ministry announced in a social media post on Sunday. The new services include some services of the recruitment application review board, visa services and establishment registration service, the Home Office said.

Here are the benefits:
-The ‘Change of Employer’ service for individual employers and those on their statutes, such as owners of farms and fishing boats.

– The change of family sponsor service allows expatriates to change their sponsorship from one family member to another.

-Exceptional visa extension service allows to apply for exceptional extension of businessman visa, official visa and tourist visa.

-The change of employer service for visa holders allows to request the change of employer for an expatriate inside the country with a work visa.

-Newborn visa service allows to apply for a visa for a newborn child inside the country for a mother holding a family visit visa.

-Establishment registration service allows to apply for establishment registration (computer card) for governmental, semi-governmental and private enterprises.

Last update: March 13, 2022 12:09