How Metyis stands out as a consulting employer of choice

Earlier this year, Metyis was named one of the best management consulting firms for graduates in Spain. To find out more about how the firm earned its reputation as a great work environment, Consultancy.eu spoke with Managing Partner José Antonio Bueno and Principal Sabrina Bernal.

Every year, thousands of students graduate from Spain’s top universities, and strategy and management consulting consistently ranks among the top five most popular sectors to start a career in.

According to a recent assessment of graduate opinions, eight of the world’s largest strategy consultancies are among the top ten consultancies in the country to launch a career – but among the elite group is also Metyis, a forward-thinking advice that far exceeds its weight.

To explain the company’s popularity, the managing partner of Metyis in Spain José Antonio Bueno explains: “We are a new offer, we are flexible and we let our teams have their fingertips in our projects. We combine the strength of a solid group with the freshness and flexibility of a young company. We always tell our consultants thatwith us, they can achieve 50 times their ambition.

With offices in Madrid and Barcelona, Metyis‘The Spanish practice operates across a wide range of industries, with multi-disciplinary teams working to create innovative strategies and solutions tailored to client needs. Internationally, the consultancy also has offices in the Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, India and the United Arab Emirates.

When asked what helps to differentiate Metyis of established consultancy brands, José António Bueno emphasized, “We are not the typical report writing consultancy. In our projects, we work closely with our customers to drive their revenue growth and improve their operations. »

The examples are numerous. Metyis for example, recently helped an FMCG manufacturer to improve its margins through a dynamic pricing strategy, supported a well-known fashion manufacturer and retailer in multiplying and accelerating its e-commerce footprint (its Internet sales increased tenfold ), and guided a Spanish bank through a post-merger integration process.

Meanwhile, Metyis places the long-term customer relationship at the heart of its approach. The firm goes beyond traditional consultancy (work “for a fee base’) by partnering with customers, sharing risks and rewards – in many cases even at the adventure level – in an approach that builds teams’ ownership and commitment to customers.

Metyis also supports its clients not only with consulting services, but also with digital and data solutions as well as e-commerce solutions.

Thanks to its differentiators, Metyis has built a credible and attractive companyon two continents. However, that doesn’t mean the company will rest on its laurels – and José António Bueno insists that the time has come target the second wave of growth.

The Next Generation Consultants

Our Metyis campus in Porto is a sample of the new things we can do. Metyis wants to continue shaping a new way of consulting. The development of a new generation of consultants is key to these plans.

For the talented people who manage to get through the recruitment process and successfully integrate the Metyis team, José António Bueno points out that Metyis has”an elaborate onboarding and training program to help new hires settle in and grow throughout their careers. ” This includes the appointment an official mentor and buddy who ensure that new entrants have a smooth ride.

“We have internal and external training programs and our training and training center in Porto will now play a fundamental role in our training model. All new entrants and those promoted will receive an on-campus boot training program, which will allow us to embed our shared company values. »

The firm’s training offers flexible paths to different specialties, which is a major asset for graduates who wish to continue their studies in the world of work. This is a factor that already largely explains the popularity of counseling as a higher education profession – but José Antonio Bueno is particularly proud of Metyis‘ offer on this front.

“We are providing an ocean of opportunity for our team,” he said. “They can pursue a career in consulting but can also opt for a permanent appointment with one of our clients. They can opt for an international career, or a more local approach, using our flexible programs. We also help people become specialists in a particular field.

Giving weight to his words, José Antonio Bueno was recently named one of the best Spanish directors of the companies that attract the most young talent. The list, published by the “Instituto Coordenadas de Gobernanza y Economía Aplicada”, was based on a company’s human resources policy, professional development, international presence and sustainability program – and also praised personalities such as Dimas Gimeno from the WOW concept store and Mariangela Marseglia from Amazone.

Meanwhile, Jose Antonio Bueno added, we also want our employees to have fun on their journey of professional growth, because life is too short to enjoy it while working.

Support women in counseling

Sabrina Bernal is Manager in Metyis‘ Barcelona office. According to her,Metyis is the perfect mix between a start-up and a large consulting firm. In this intermediate space, the firm is able to offer the know-how and best practices of traditional players, while allowing the flexibility, ambition and human approach of a boutique.

Recalling his own arrival at the company, Bernal said: “It is very important to be part of a company that cares about its employees and recognizes that we all have different goals and motivations in life. . From day one, I felt supported by my leaders and peers. They challenged me to move forward in my career and as a female role model in the office, supporting my initiatives within the team.

Bernal was promoted to manager after just six months, thanks to the trust and sponsorship of her leadership, “a fantastic director of the Madrid office” who believed she was ready for new responsibilities. Now, as a passionate about gender equality, she is keen to encourage other women to follow her to Metyis and be part of the company’s growth story.

“I have worked all my life in consulting and financial services, both male-dominated sectors, and I am aware of the disparity between women and men in leadership positions. To Metyisgender equality is a key pillar of our diversity, equity and inclusion strategy.

This sees the company investing in bringing talented women into its ranks. “We take part in the forums and recruitment fairs of many universities, including ESADE. We also organize calls and coffee-chats with candidates.

The flexibility of Metyis also allows Bernal to go beyond his current role. “I am an active member of the diversity committee of Metyis. This affinity group allows me to play an active role in creating an inclusive and welcoming work environment while championing gender equality. I’m proud to work for a company that prioritizes diversity and inclusion and encourages employees to be active agents of change. »

Bernal also learned from the women she was already mentoring at Metyis. the Women@Metyis The mentorship program connects people from different offices, backgrounds, nationalities and ages to share conversations and gain refreshing perspectives beyond their immediate professional network, providing an objective point of view and a platform. -shape for exciting stories and experiences.

As a mentor, Bernal listened to his mentees and learned about their professional ambitions, their concerns and how they handled the Covid-19 pandemic. But after these experiences, what is her most important advice for women considering a career in consulting?

“Stop hesitating and go for it,” Bernal said. “In our personal experience and observing other very talented women, we constantly overestimate and underestimate our talent and abilities. So my advice would be to embrace the new challenge, ask the question you are asking yourself, to share your opinions and continue to grow.