How to use TikTok to improve your employer brand

Broadcast a strong employer the brand has long demanded more than an insightful career page. However, these days, you’re probably missing something if your hiring needs aren’t clearly displayed on TikTok as well.

Boston-based fund manager Fidelity is among the first financial giants to dip its toes into TikTok. Since creating his @fidelity account in June 2021, he has since amassed over 17,000 followers and nearly half a million likes. The brand not only shares the “first day of work” behind-the-scenes videos, but also introduces its employees in a fun way that humanizes the business.

“Candidates spend more than eight to nine hours researching specific companies before deciding to apply and one of the places they do their research is on social media,” says Adam Robinson, CEO of the talent management firm Hireology, based in Chicago.

The ByteDance-owned platform has seen a surge in career-related content recently, with 1.7 billion views on the #joblife hashtag and 72 billion views on the #smallbusiness hashtag to date.

If you’re not already using TikTok to improve your employer brand, here’s how to get started:

Use hashtags wisely.

Millennials are more likely than any other generation to turn to social media to learn about businesses. Before sending the posts, take a second to think about the hashtags you add to the post to engage a wider audience. Perform audience analysis to ensure your target demographic is engaging with the tags. Here are some common career-related hashtags you might look for:

Promote your internship program.

Since TikTok users are generally younger than users of other social media platforms, this is a great channel to promote your internship and new grad opportunities.

Discover examples of Chipotle and The Washington Post to see how they built a successful recruitment strategy on social networks. Asking your new hires about their experiences at the company is a great way to promote internship programs and show off your company culture.

Provide an unfiltered employee experience.

In addition to promoting your job opportunities on the platform, TikTok allows you to highlight the unique personalities and talents of your team members. Candidates tend to be interested in the team, and if a video helps them get to know their potential future colleagues, that might just be your best selling point.