India – Online recruitment growth up 10% in February: Monster Employment Index

March 24, 2022

Online recruitment in India increased by 10% in February 2022 compared to February 2021, according to the latest Monster Employment Index.

Growth in the Monster Employment Index reflects improved sentiment in the online recruitment space compared to February last year. The index reached 290 in February 2022 against 271 in February 2021.

Meanwhile, job demand grew by 3% on a monthly basis, with January 2022 registering an index of 282.

Monster noted that the index showing positive annual growth reflects employers’ confidence in the resilience of the Indian economy.

Online recruiting activity exceeded the level of a year ago in 21 of the 27 industry sectors monitored by the Index.

Office equipment/automation (103%) continued to lead the trend over the year in February 2022. BFSI (27%) remained one of the strongest sectors in terms of long-term growth and printing/packaging (23%) also saw momentum in online employment demand in the month of February 2022 compared to February 2021.

The Engineering, Cement, Construction, Steel industry (-23%) remained at the same level with a negative trend. Additionally, Media & Entertainment (-13%) and FMCG, Food & Packaged Food (-8%) experienced a significant decline in February 2022 each year.

Online demand exceeded the level of a year ago in 5 of the 13 functional areas monitored by the index.

Finance and accounting (26%) led all occupations in long-term demand growth. HR & Admin (20%) and Software, Hardware, Telecom (19%) functions continue their upward trend but at a slower pace than in previous months

Online recruiting activity increased year-on-year for 9 of the 13 sites monitored by the index. Coimbatore (+21%) leads all cities monitored year over year, followed by Bangalore (+20%), Chennai (+17%).

Demand for entry-level job seekers with 0-3 years experience increased by 5%. Hiring for mid-level positions with 4-6 years of experience increased by 22%. Mid-level positions with 7-10 years of experience have grown by 25%. Hiring for senior-level positions with 11-15 years of experience increased by 14%, while management positions with 16+ years of experience grew by 42%

The Index is a broad and comprehensive monthly and quarterly analysis of online job posting activity conducted by Monster India.