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Innovation: a support platform for French-speaking employees in European and Maghreb countries and employers in Quebec who are looking for candidates abroad.

Isabelle Masset

Who is the

Immijob is a project of Natacha Mignon, associate lawyer of the firm specializing in immigration Immétis, under the direction of Lorine Benoit, communication and marketing manager, Immétis. “I am an immigrant who arrived in Quebec from France two years ago,” says Lauren Benoit. When I explain to my European friends that I have crossed the Atlantic, I am told: “Oh my God, how did you go about finding a company ready to welcome you? And employers ask us, “You don’t have a base of employees ready to come? ”

a report

With nearly 200,000 positions to fill in Quebec, Lauren Benoit is not talking about a labor shortage, but rather a job crisis. “I am thinking of the restaurant’s lack of staff to review shifts and working hours,” confirms Lauren Benoit. That is problematic. It slows down the growth of the economy. ”

While attending the immigration summit two weeks ago, a piece of data particularly caught her attention: “In the next 10 years, there will be 1.4 million jobs to be filled in Quebec”, a- she declared. Among the factors taken into account is migration, which can represent 22% of the solution. We must therefore support, reassure and train employers to take the necessary actions. ”

the product

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Immijob منصة platform

Immijob is a support platform, launched one year ago by Immétis, and a meeting point for French-speaking employees from European countries and North Africa and employers who are looking for applicants for gait in Canada. “Some candidates do not know how to do it and several employers have significant support needs, notes Lauren Benoit. It is observed that companies are unfamiliar with the process and have a lack of understanding of foreign CVs. ”

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For example, a baccalaureate in France is equivalent here to a CEGEP diploma. “They don’t know every company in the world either, when they see it on their CV,” continues Lauren Benoit. They don’t know where to start to get work permits. Some have been recruiting for years abroad, while small and medium-sized businesses are now starting up. So we want to make it easier for them. We adapt resumes to Canadian standards and remove personal information. Costs and deadlines are specified. The business owner is entitled to expect. However, when we anticipate, things go well. ”

The platform is intended for workers of all professions. “With the pandemic, we thought that immigration was going to be complicated,” explains Lauren Benoit. Everywhere there was time for reflection. There is more attraction to Canada than before. Locked up with their families in small apartments, the workers had time to reflect. There is a will for change and the lack makes candidates say they have a chance. ”

Around 90% of employers who use the Immijob platform and find a candidate entrust their immigration procedures to Immétis. It costs between $ 100 and $ 300 to post a job for 30 days.

We do not intervene in the recruitment process. But we are taking the immigration process in hand from scratch. There is a lack of knowledge of the migration process and it is scary. We also offer many training courses.

Lauren Benoit, responsible for the Immijob platform

For international applicants, the platform is promoted via social networks and transatlantic partners. There are federal initiatives, Montreal talent in particular. There are platforms, and they are suited for different purposes. Not many of us are finding solutions! ”

In order to achieve

Since the start of the year, more than 3,500 people have used the platform. Almost 2,000 resumes were submitted, mostly for positions in IT, manufacturing, accounting and education. “In one year, around thirty employers trusted us,” says Lauren Benoit.

She says she is very busy. The pace could accelerate since it plans to promote Immijob at several job fairs in 2022. “It’s a big deal! Said. We plan to expand the team. It’s going really well. We are currently receiving 25-30 CVs per day and they are increasing daily. There is therefore a real attraction for Quebec. In the medium term, we hope that more employers will withdraw. ”