Launch of the EmployerOne survey to gauge the needs of employers

Cornwall Ontario – The beginning of each year heralds the arrival of the EmployerOne Survey, an annual effort of the Eastern Ontario Training Board to gather data on employer needs.

The EmployerOne survey is designed to collect information on a range of issues, including hiring intentions, recruitment strategies and challenges, as well as company perspectives on employee skills, education and training. candidates. After analysis, responses from local businesses will be compiled and disseminated to local schools, community partners, government agencies and the public so they can see the characteristics of the local labor market. Results from Cornwall, SDG and Akwesasne will also be added to the regional responses to get an Eastern Ontario perspective.

“To help prepare the workforce and support employers in 2022, we are once again seeking input from employers to develop an action plan in collaboration with our partners,” says Martha Woods , Executive Director of the CFEO. “Our motto is local information, local action, local results! ”

Participate in the survey!

The EmployerOne survey is now live. Click on the following link:

Given the current challenges facing the business community, the EOTB is looking to broaden the scope of the survey and increase the response rate. He assigned two staff members, Kimberly Hamilton and Skyler Chrétien, to work on the project and answer questions from employers.

“Last year we contacted just over 250 employers and we are looking to improve that number,” says Hamilton. “Draws will be held to encourage employers to participate. Our theme for the awards will be “Employee Appreciation” to help employers in their goal of attracting and retaining employees. »

The EmployerOne survey will be active until February 18, 2022, when the EOTB will analyze the data and produce a report that presents the survey results.

About the Eastern Ontario Training Board

The Eastern Ontario Training Board (EOTB) was created to play a leadership role in workforce development. It undertakes a number of projects throughout the year and publishes the TOP report on local labor issues. Over the past few months, the EOTB team has been working on a number of initiatives together with local partners:

  1. Free webinar series for employers to help employers attract and retain employees
  2. Help employers advertise their job opportunities
  3. Help employers retain employees by providing free local labor market data through the LMI HelpDesk
  4. Updated Manufacturing Fundamentals training to attract more job seekers and better meet the needs of employers in this industry
  5. New specific vocational training developed in consultation with employers.

More information can be found online: