Ministry sets fees for recruiting domestic workers

The Ministry of Trade and Industry, in partnership with the Ministry of Labour, has announced a fixed recruitment price for domestic workers.

Yesterday, in a tweet, MoCI said, “#MOCIQATAR, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour, announced the decision of the Committee to Determine Maximum Prices and Profit Ratios No (1) of 2022 to set a price cap for domestic workers. recruitment.”

The new measure bolsters efforts to tackle unofficial increases in the costs of recruiting domestic workers by agencies.

According to an infographic by MoCI, recruitment in Indonesia is set at QR 17,000, Sri Lanka QR 16,000, Philippines QR 15,000 and Bangladesh QR 14,000. From India QR 14,000, Kenya QR 9,000 and Ethiopia QR 9,000.

The ministry also stressed that “all the competent authorities, each within its jurisdiction, will implement this decision which will enter into force the day after the date of its publication in the Official Journal”.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, the Department of Labor announced its decision to extend the trial period for domestic workers from three months to nine months.

The ministry had explained that recruitment agencies are required to guarantee the employer a trial period of nine months for the domestic worker.

During the first three months, the employer has the right to terminate the contract and recover the full amount paid by him to the recruitment office. During the additional six-month trial period, the holder guarantees the reimbursement of the sum paid by the employer, less 15% of the total amount due for each month that the worker has spent in the service of the employer during the additional trial period. It will also cover government costs incurred if the worker refuses to work, runs away, or suffers from a chronic illness.

He pointed out that the employer’s right would be lost if he assaulted the worker and violated the terms of the contract with the worker.