Mint Eco Car Wash receives Employer Patriot Awards from the Office of the Secretary of Defense

Vice President of Recruitment and Development of Mint Eco, Angel Lantiguanamed co-founders of Mint Eco Car Wash, Geoffrey Jervis and Vic Monteleone for this price. Angel served in the Florida National Guard for over 17 years in various roles, including as a recruiter. Recently, Angel began her transition from the military to the civilian workforce. As someone with extensive leadership experience and recruiting skills, he has helped grow the Mint Eco team since joining.

“Geoff and Vic were extremely helpful in transitioning from full-time active duty to reserve capability. I was looking for an organization that believed in the same kind of principles that I have learned in my career so far: accountability, teamwork, integrity. Mint Eco has proven to be an employer that cares about its people and cares about its community and country,” said Angel Lantigua in their submitted application.

The ceremony took place at Mint Eco’s new location on Okeechobee Boulevard, just west of the turnpike, with representatives from the Office of the Secretary of Defense present to present the certificates. Geoffrey JervisCEO of Mint Eco, shared with those present, “We live in the greatest country in the world, and this country was won with blood on a battlefield. We keep it that way through what the Ministry of Health Defense does daily, and we wholeheartedly support this effort. We want to thank all service members for their sacrifice. They will always have a job opportunity here with the Mint Eco family.

The prizes were awarded by Rebecca and Peter Caspari, Florida Directors of Employer Outreach for the Department of Defense’s ESGR Program, who shared, “We want to say ‘thank you’ to patriotic employers like Mint Eco Car Wash for their support in allowing their National Guard members and the Reserve to quit their civilian jobs to do what they have to do with the Reserve and the National Guard.

About Mint Eco:

mint Eco-friendly car wash Brought A new approach to car washing on the other side Palm Beach County, with its unique mission statement: “We exist to make people happy. We believe that a clean car makes you feel good and optimistic for the rest of your day. And we LOVE being in the business of sales of happiness.” Founded in 2019 at West palm beachMint Eco has over 100 employees and has washed hundreds of thousands of cars in Palm Beach County nowadays. They were also recently voted “2022 Best Car Wash in Palm Beach Countyby the Palm Beach Post.

Mint Eco currently operates three car washes in Palm Beach County: Mint Eco Car Wash Downtown, located at 316 Southern Boulevard in West palm beachMint Eco Car Wash Jupiter, located at 220 Maplewood Drive in Jupiterand Mint Eco Car Wash Okeechobee/Turnpike, located at 1950 Golden Lakes Boulevard in West palm beach, with plans to develop 50 more locations over the next few years. To find out more visit, www.mintecocarwash.com.

About ESGR:

Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) is a Department of Defense program that for 50 years has developed and promoted supportive work environments for service members of the Reserve and National Guard through opportunities for awareness, recognition and education. These initiatives increase awareness of the value of hiring Reserve and National Guard members and recognize the sacrifices employers make to support the service member and our national defense. To learn more about ESGR, visit our website at www.esgr.mil or contact us at 904-823-0336.

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