New survey finds link between employer-sponsored mental health services, recruitment and increased worker productivity

98point6 “Workforce Mental Health Update 2022” finds 78% of workers would feel more productive if they had access to mental health services; 66% don’t know where to get help

SEATTLE, May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, 98point6, the digital health company providing simple access to exceptional primary care and nationally integrated behavioral health, today announced the results of its 2022 Workforce Mental Health Update. ‘work. Made by OnePoll in partnership with 98point6, the survey found that 78% believe a week of mental health days or access to mental health services in addition to vacation would increase their productivity. In the wake of the past two years, nearly half (49%) of 2,000 Americans surveyed admit to having mental health issues, but two-thirds said they don’t know where or how to access help. However, the majority (86%) of people agree that the widespread availability of telehealth services has helped them feel more comfortable discussing their health issues.

98point6 is a digital health company providing easy access to exceptional primary care and integrated behavioral health nationwide (PRNewsfoto/98point6)

Survey results also revealed that employer-sponsored mental health services play a key role in recruitment and overall employee satisfaction. Seven in 10 adults think employers should offer mental health days in addition to sick or PTO days, while nearly two-thirds (64%) said they would be more likely to work for a company that offers mental health days and/or access to mental health services or virtual care. Mental health problems are linked to a 35% discount in labor productivity, costing the U.S. economy more than $210 billion absenteeism, reduced productivity and medical claims1.

“Our research provides employers with critical insights into how they can better support their most valuable asset: their employees,” said Dr. Mara Kailin, Senior Director of Behavioral Health at 98point6. “The pandemic has had an indelible impact on people’s mental health. Not only have we seen an increase in the need for services over the past two years, there is also much less stigma around seeking and receiving mental health treatment today. virtual care is now an option for many workers, it’s easier than ever to access care easily, allowing people in difficulty to get the help they need, which allows them to be happier at home and more productive at work. »

Other highlights of the survey include:

  • Half of respondents noticed a change in their physical health when struggling with their mental health, highlighting the need for holistic services and treatment.

  • More than half said they would be more likely to seek mental health care if a primary care physician recommended it (55%).

  • Almost half of respondents have had therapy (47%), and those who have are twice as likely to rate their mental health as “excellent” (43% vs. 21%).

  • Two-thirds received some form of healthcare through a telehealth service, citing the quality of care they received as “excellent” or “good”.

“Primary care physicians are extremely important facilitators of the mental well-being of their patients.” says dr. Mara Kailin. “Patients often bring their mental health concerns to a primary care physician, rather than seeking care from a behavioral health care provider. Primary care providers who are trained and equipped to identify and treat these conditions, and who have access to specialist in-house behavioral health services, are more likely to successfully connect their patients to the care they need.At 98point6, our integrated operating model allows patients to be diagnosed and treated by a primary care physician and a mental health professional on the same care team. Together, the team determines the course of care and uses evidence-based treatments for body and mind.”

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Survey methodology
This random, double-consent survey of 2,000 Americans was commissioned by 98point6 between April 19 and April 20, 2022. It was conducted by market research firm OnePoll, which is a member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR).

About 98point6
Founded in 2015, 98point6 is at the forefront of a new approach to primary care. By pairing AI and machine learning with board-certified physicians, our vision is to make primary care more accessible and affordable, leading to better health. We meet consumers where they are by offering private diagnosis and treatment via SMS via a mobile app. For employers, health plans, health systems and retail partners, 98point6 increases primary care utilization among people who are not actively or appropriately caring for their health, enabling earlier medical intervention and reduces the overall cost of care. For more information about 98point6, visit www.98point6.com.

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