NI Executive Becomes an Accredited Living Wage Employer


Northern Ireland’s executive has gained accreditation as a living wage employer, Finance Minister Conor Murphy said.

The Living Wage Foundation calculates the minimum hourly rate necessary to provide a full-time worker and their family with a reasonable standard of living.

On Monday 15 November, the Living Wage Foundation announced the new minimum hourly wage of £ 9.90. This compares to the statutory minimum wage of £ 8.91.

Speaking at an event attended by unions, living wage employers, and community and voluntary organizations to mark Living Wage Week, Minister Murphy said: “Many people in poverty are working , so if we want to fight against poverty, we have to fight against low wages. Accreditation means that the executive agrees to pay civil servants at least the living wage. This commitment will also apply to new contracts for people working in public service buildings, which will have an impact on staff providing security, catering and cleaning services. “

Highlighting how the executive has gone beyond what is required to achieve accreditation, Minister Murphy added: “Each year the government spends around £ 3 billion to purchase goods, services and construction work. construction with the private sector. It is important that this purchasing power is used for the good of. Therefore, from June of next year, any company providing services to the government will have to pay the staff working on this contract at the minimum living wage. This is transformative and will benefit thousands of workers in the private sector. “

Welcoming the executive’s commitment to the Living Wage, Graham Griffiths, deputy director of the Living Wage Foundation, said: the government minimum to ensure all their staff earn enough to live.

“In the midst of these turbulent times, it’s great to see the executive leading the way in responsible compensation, setting a great example for all here to follow. Through its accreditation, the Northern Ireland executive has recognized that paying the real living wage is the hallmark of a responsible employer, and that everyone needs a wage that meets their daily needs. “

The event was chaired by Jayne Brady, Head of the Civil Service with speakers included from; the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and the Eglinton-based company, Hawthorn Heights, share the benefits of being a Living Wage accredited company.