PMC rewards staff, hoping to improve recruitment with bonuses and pay rises

POCATELLO — As a reward for their hard work, during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, Portneuf Medical Center staff will receive bonuses.

The “PMC values ​​you” plan, according to Portneuf spokeswoman Mary Keating, was designed to provide additional pay and benefits for all staff. More than 300 staff members have already received bonuses and seen changes to their base salary.

“The development of this plan was driven by staff needs,” Keating told in an email. … “We deeply value our staff and it was important to reassess our compensation structure and make adjustments that reward our core team for their loyalty and service.”

As Keating explained, hiring and retaining staff at all hospitals has become difficult, especially because of the COVID pandemic. Yet despite these challenges, Portneuf has maintained a strong performance in quality and safety, she said.

“We are so grateful to each of our team members for their loyalty, hard work and sacrifice,” Portneuf CEO Jordan Herget said in a statement provided by Keating. “Day after day, they are there for our patients and for each other. The past few years have been difficult for all hospitals and we are no different. But PMC is truly committed to creating a strong culture where everyone feels recognized and supported. These changes are just a few examples of the steps we are taking to achieve this while addressing some of the larger labor issues facing the industry.

The PMC Values ​​You plan was created based on feedback from frontline workers, including nurses, in hopes of improving staff recruitment, retention and reward.

Salary increases are based on a number of factors, including seniority. According to information provided by Portneuf, approximately 75% of hospital staff will benefit from base salary increases. Annual cash bonuses will also be provided.

Through the PMC Values ​​You plan, Portneuf’s student loan repayment program has also been revamped. As a result, 60 additional staff – full-time and part-time – are now eligible for tuition reimbursement.

“When your employer reimburses it, you feel appreciated and that makes sense,” registered dietitian Krista Diekemper said in a statement provided by Keating. “The new annual service bonus plan sort of says, thank you for sticking with us. It’s nice to be thanked and I love that it’s a long-term plan to reward employees.

“Through continued investment in our services and staff,” said Keating, “PMC has been able to provide advanced care to more local residents than ever before over the past year, enabling patients and families to stay close to home. This growth continues to deliver on the promise made when voters voted in favor of a joint venture to build a new medical center in 2009.”