Recruitment for the Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship is underway

Unique ‘Earn and Learn’ enables apprentices to carve out a career in a professional and dynamic industry full of opportunity.

As businesses navigate their greatest period of disruption in decades following the pandemic, companies are increasingly turning to learning as a new way to attract and develop talent.

There has been an increase in the number of apprenticeship places on offer across all business sectors in Ireland in recent years. Apprenticeships can help close skills gaps in a very cost-effective way, while nurturing future talent.

One of the best apprenticeship programs in Ireland is Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship. Established in 2016, it is Ireland’s first specialist ‘earn and learn’ degree program, designed to future-proof the insurance industry.

Earn and learn

The Insurance Practitioner apprenticeship offers participants the opportunity to work in a full-time salaried position with an insurance employer while studying for their Honors degree (BA Hons in Insurance Practice).

The program is open to insurance employees who want to develop in the industry, as well as those who want to earn an insurance degree while gaining key on-the-job experience. Everyone who participates in the apprenticeship will be assigned a mentor and supervisor who will be key to their success and who will oversee their “on the job” training, which is an essential part of the program.

It is certainly not easy to work and study simultaneously, so learning is reserved for those who can fully commit to the program, but with good support from their mentor, supervisor and employer, it can be a great experience leading to a lasting career. Employers also have an interest in hiring an apprentice (and providing them with the necessary support), as they will get experienced, dedicated and highly skilled employees.

Speaking to, Dermot Murray, CEO of The Insurance Institute said:

“The program is celebrating its seventh year this year and I am delighted to say that we continue to see huge interest in the program – the apprenticeship has been hugely successful in attracting new talent to the sector, as well as providing apprentices a unique chance to carve out a lasting and interesting career, while also obtaining a third level qualification.

Mr Murray continued: ‘It should be made clear though that apprenticeship is not for everyone – you have to be extremely hardworking and determined – working full time and studying is not for the faint hearted – but that in is of course worthwhile for those who are ambitious and determined to build a career in a professional industry, full of opportunities.”

It should be noted that through the program, employers recruit apprentices directly. The Insurance Institute is there to help, but the employer has complete autonomy over who they hire and it’s better because they know the type of candidate they need for their business.

Now in its seventh year, The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship has seen the vast majority of its graduates flourish in their careers.

So if you want to know more about learning The Insurance Practitioner, visit: Recruitment for the 2022 program is currently underway.