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Recruitment is not an easy task for a company when looking to employ the best people for the job. This will save time and money and avoid many disruptions from unnecessary re-hiring, while ensuring higher levels of staff retention.

the New York Drug Testing Laws will help employers feel comfortable testing staff when it comes to compliance.

Next, let’s look at the issues HR departments face in terms of hiring the kind of staff their company is looking for.

Where to publish job offers?

To find the best people, you can be on where you advertise so they see your ad. A tip here is to advertise in places such as trade magazines, online or in print, that qualified people in the industry are likely to read.

Social media has also made it easier to promote to more people without much expense.

Test potential employees

There are many tests we can perform on employees. This will include testing them on their knowledge and skills and determining if they have any habits that may affect their work performance, such as inappropriate drug or alcohol use that compromise their performance levels. and everyone’s safety.

What kind of tests can we then use to check whether an employee will measure up? Aptitude tests verify a potential employee’s ability to do the job. They are useful when an employee may not have the formal academic qualifications but still have the skills to perform the job as well as another.

Many self-made millionaires didn’t do well in school and achieved remarkable things. Those who take care of households and children will have skills that are transferable to the workplace after they have been out of work for a period of time.

An aptitude test will assess a person’s ability to perform certain tasks and their reactions to possibly difficult situations. These can be role-play situations that mirror what might actually happen when someone works for a company.

We might be thinking here, about customer service and that complaining customer. The role play situation will need to be related to the business to be useful in the recruitment process.

Drug and alcohol testing is now becoming an essential part of the recruitment process, even when not permitted by law. Staff who use drugs or drink alcohol to excess often prove to be unreliable, not to mention a nightmare for the health and safety manager.


A company must maintain a good reputation in order to encourage staff to apply. This ensures that candidates of decent quality will be interested. The benefits offered by a company in its job posting will also help to recruit the most sought-after personnel.

Those who are the dream employees can often demand a similar employer in return. Those with the skills have many employers to choose from. They will have, in a sense, created the demand for themselves in terms of everyone wanting their abilities.

What advantages can we offer as a company? Well, it could be, for example, a performance-related bonus system. This not only challenges high-flyers, but rewards them more in their salary envelope.

Of course, a good salary is also important to be able to count on it when obtaining a mortgage. Bonuses should always be considered additional, as they can be less reliable in times of difficulty.

A company that advertises in the right places should attract the right staff who have experience in their industry and will therefore be an asset to the workforce. Without direct experience, potential employees can still be assessed for their suitability, so as not to miss anyone who might have made the perfect employee.

Employee drug testing is required for places like New York. A company’s reputation is important to maintain for all aspects of the business but, in particular, to attract the most qualified employees who have many companies to choose from.