Recruitment: Power to stay with candidates in 2022


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Hiring challenges are expected to persist until 2022 and candidates will continue to be in a strong position to negotiate what they want from an employer, Glassdoor predicted.
Organizations that seize the opportunities to rethink the ‘old’ ways of hiring, employee engagement and the way they do business will be the most likely to be successful next year, according to the Workplace Trends for 2022 report from the Insight company for the UK, France and Germany. “2022 seeks to remain a market of job seekers and difficult working conditions will allow employees to demand more from their employers,” said Lauren Thomas, Glassdoor economist. “The outlook for the economy is still uncertain, but it’s clear that companies need to focus on employee experience and engagement to attract and retain talent. The report suggests the job market will remain tight and the competition candidate organizations experienced in 2021 should be seen as “a model of what to expect in 2022.” The reasons are a “persistent” pandemic, reduced availability of retirees and a faster than expected recovery in customer demand. “The imbalance between supply and demand for labor is large enough that even a moderate improvement in conditions is not enough to facilitate recruitment again. There is simply no silver bullet to alleviating labor shortages, ”the report says.