Sending a handwritten letter to your potential employer can help your application stand out

Making your application stand out from the competition can be tough, but the CEO of a top recruiting firm suggested that sending a handwritten letter to your potential employer might be the perfect solution. It seems like an old-fashioned way to get your employer’s attention is still going strong.

The ultimate goal of all job applications is to stand out and “catch” the attention of your potential employer, and to do this, many job seekers have taken new and innovative approaches using technology, including including social media, to attract the attention of recruiters.

However, the old ways can be even more effective. By writing a handwritten letter to your potential employer, you may find less competition than with new technologies. Most people don’t get much in the mail these days, so anything other than junk mail and bills should stand out. So they are bound to at least take a look.

By contrast, the average recruiter will likely have to sift through dozens to hundreds of great emails each business day, so no matter how good your resume or email is, it can be hard to stand out from the competition. What most of these candidates are unlikely to try, however, is writing a handwritten note, so just by doing that you’ve already stood out in at least one way.

So if there’s an organization you really want to work for, the question is, really, why not give it a try? It may or may not work, but innovation is key, and by trying something new, no matter how old the technology, you might find the difference maker that will get you the job of your dreams.

Techniques like this that show your interest in the position are especially useful for branding a new role. Due to labor shortages, many recruiters are particularly lenient on certain issues, such as job gaps, but recruiters are still very likely to reject your application if they perceive a lack of ‘interest. Recruiters are adept at spotting when a candidate is showing little interest and what seems worse than anything is often a simple application with no further signs of interest.

Remember, the best way to stand out before applying for a job is to research the company and think about how you can get their attention. It can also help you determine who you need to contact within the company. You may also consider performing a background self-check. This can help you make sure it’s accurate, and by showing it to your potential employer, you can also show extra initiative and save them money by doing theirs.

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