The employer must submit the list of women and their school documents to the recruiting center for military registration


The employer must submit the list of women and their educational documents to the Territorial Recruitment and Social Assistance Center for military registration.

The Ukrainian news agency learned about it from the Dniprovskyi regional territorial center for recruitment and social support in Kiev.

“If this is done by a company that includes women, then the person in charge of the military registration of that company takes a list, numerical composition, which will indicate the women – name, first name, patronymic, year of birth, position in which he / she before going to the territorial center of recruitment and social support, it is necessary that this person takes his study documents – diplomas and applications in writing or in the form of a photocopy, if there is a driving license – then his copy, ”says the center.

In addition, at the military registration and reservations service, they will check whether the position occupied by the woman corresponds to the list specified in the order of the Ministry of Defense.

If everything corresponds to the regulatory documents, then the woman is sent to the military medical commission, which determines the degree of fitness.

“If a woman is fit or disabled, then she becomes responsible for military service, receives a military registration document of a valid sample and fulfills the rules established by Ukrainian law” On military duty and military service, “said added the center.

Also, a woman can come individually to the territorial recruitment and social support center with all the necessary documents.

As the Ukrainian news agency reported earlier, the Defense Ministry has expanded the list of specialties and professions, which provides for the military registration of women as subject to military service.

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