The Fiji Times » Australia-approved employer returns for more Fiji workers

MADEC Australia, a labor hire company and Approved Employer (AE), under the Pacific Australia Labor Mobility (PALM) scheme visited the ministry on Tuesday and held discussions about recruiting more Fijians shortly.

Permanent Secretary for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Osea Cawaru received a courtesy visit from MADEC Australia’s Managing Director, Laurence Burt, along with her recruitment team and representatives from a host employer, Perfection Two Wells.

Mr. Cawaru warmly welcomed the visitors on behalf of the Fijian Government and thanked them for taking the time to visit Fiji to meet the team to provide more employment opportunities for Fijians in Australia and to build new relationships.

Mr. Burt thanked the team at the National Employment Center (NEC) and expressed his gratitude to the Fijian government for enabling the team to process the selection and recruitment in a timely manner, noting the increasing demands and l Labor Sending Unit (LSU) activity.

“We are indeed impressed with the organization and dedication of the NEC team, they were very helpful in the selection and recruitment process. We are also amazed with the intellectual English skills of the Fijians, which facilitated our work. “

“We are very grateful to the Fijians who traveled from the maritime and remote parts of Fiji, some traveling 2-3 days to be in Suva, to be able to attend the interview,” Mr Burt said.

Mr. Burt further pointed out that during this trip, the company interviewed nearly 200 candidates and will select 100 Fijian workers for its November mobilization.

The Fijian workers will be employed by Perfection Two Wells located in South Australia, a horticultural industry that produces varieties of vegetables and fruits.

Mr. Cawaru briefly explained to the team how these opportunities impact people’s lives and thanked MADEC Australia for traveling to Fiji to recruit potential Fijian workers for job opportunities in Australia.

He stressed that the ministry will continue to strive to meet market demands and also ensure that Fiji provides the best workforce to overseas employers.

MADEC Australia’s targeted recruitment is based on workers who are already in the job-ready pool for seasonal work.