This popular European country is in the midst of a “recruitment campaign” for qualified South Africans

With a rapidly growing economy and a demand for skilled workers far exceeding the domestic supply available, the Netherlands is increasingly attracting highly skilled South Africans who want to take advantage of the country’s attractive work/life balance. and impressive salary packages, according to South Africa’s largest independent tax firm. , Tax Consulting South Africa.

“We have observed an unprecedented demand from various industries in the Netherlands for highly qualified and qualified South African candidates,” said Roxanna Naidoo, tax lawyer at Tax Consulting South Africa.

South Africa was one of the top 10 migration source markets for the Netherlands in 2021, with nearly 2,000 South Africans emigrating to the country that year, according to a 2022 report by Dutch statistical office CBS. .

As the Dutch job market continues to tighten, CBS further reports that an oversupply of available positions and an insufficient supply of qualified applicants has resulted in 133 jobs being available for every 100 people.

The most in-demand skills are:

  • Engineering;
  • Computer science;
  • Auditing;
  • Financial services;
  • Accounting;
  • Medical;
  • Management;
  • Specialized products.

Obtain a permit

To live and work in the Netherlands, applicants need a Highly Skilled Migrant Residence Permit, which is available to foreign nationals considered capable of making a contribution to the Dutch knowledge-based economy.

Successful candidates must have an employment contract with an employer or research institute in the Netherlands, with a salary base that cannot be lower than that of a Dutch national in the same position, Tax Consulting South Africa said.

In addition, certain salary criteria must be met:

  • If a person applying is over 30 yearsthe minimum gross salary for the position based in the Netherlands must be €62,726 per year.
  • If a person is under 30, the employee must earn a minimum gross salary of €45,995 per year.

“The permit remains valid for up to five years, or for the duration of the employment contract,” the firm said.

Engineering expertise is the most in-demand skill

Leading the cohort of in-demand skills in the Netherlands are engineering-related occupations, with around 13% of all job vacancies for available engineering positions, primarily in the fields of mechanics, industry, electricity, food, biomedical, energy, IT and public works.

Also sought are skilled and qualified candidates with expertise in human resources, ICT security, pedagogy, solar installation, healthcare and construction.

“An incredible opportunity exists in the Netherlands for skilled South African ‘knowledge workers’ to take advantage of the ongoing recruitment drive. But to ensure a successful move, each applicant must ensure they are properly guided through the complex due diligence processes on the Dutch and South African side,” Naidoo said.

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