TSC Announces Massive Teacher Recruitment, How to Apply

TSC Announces Massive Teacher Recruitment, How to Apply

By Getrude Mathayo / Posted on Mar 25, 2022 | 2:33 p.m.


TSC needs at least 10 billion shillings to fund essential programs, which include the recruitment and promotion of teachers.

The country has gradually done its best to ensure that learners get the most out of the education system which has slowly moved from 8.4.4 to competency-based curriculum.

In an attempt to address the shortage of teachers in the country for the full implementation of the competency-based curriculum, TSC announced a massive recruitment of teachers, easing qualifications.

Speaking in Mombasa, TSC CEO Nancy Macharia explained that the government had given the green light to the registration process following the mass exodus of non-local teachers from the region.

Macharia added that the teacher’s employer will work with locals and leaders to recruit and train area teachers. However, she clarified that hiring was open to professionals from all regions.

“It is true that non-local staff do not prefer to work in the North East due to security concerns. So we are working with sector heads to enroll teachers from the region as well as other regions,” she noted.

The TSC boss encouraged teachers across the country to apply for the job opportunities. through the county directors’ office of the commission. It further waived qualifications, allowing retirees to enroll.

According to TSC, at least 10 billion shillings are needed to fund essential programs, which include teacher recruitment and promotion.

In a presentation to the National Assembly Committee on Education Review of the 2022 Budget Statement Policy, Nancy Macharia said the Commission needed some 5.3 billion shillings to recruit 8,000 teachers for the transition to 100%.

According to Nancy Macharia, money is one of the critical areas that was not funded in the last budget.

She also said that it would take 1.2 billion shillings to recruit 6,000 trainees and another 2 billion shillings for competitive teacher promotion. For the implementation of performance appraisals, development and the performance contract for teachers, the TSC boss said the agency was seeking 10 billion shillings.

Both the new program and the old one, which are still in effect until some time in the future, have encountered obstacles in realizing the full potential of the TSC.

According to TSC, teachers in grades B5, C1, C2, C3 and D5 will not get a pay raise as they are not eligible under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement, CBA 2017-2021.

The Commission claims that the teachers have reached their maximum salary commonly known as “bar” and that it will therefore not be possible for their salaries to progress upwards.

“Grades B5, C1, C2, C3 and D5 have reached the maximum salary points provided in the banding at the end of the cycle for CBA 2017-2021,” reads the document.

According to TSC, grades C4, C5, D1 D2, D3 and D4 have not yet reached the maximum salary points provided in the salary bands. The commission said it would extend pay points for those ranks from July 1, 2022.

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