United Kingdom – Hiring surge expected to continue through 2022 as employer confidence remains high


September 29, 2021

In the three months leading up to August, business confidence in the ability of employers to hire new staff in the UK and make investment decisions remained high, according to the latest JobsOutlook report from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation ( REC).

The net business confidence score of +25 remains a historically high rate of improvement, although the pace is slower than the previous rolling quarter.

The survey also found that this confidence boosted the number of employers looking for new permanent employees.

Hiring intentions over the next three months increased by three percentage points to a net: +25, while demand for the next 4 to 12 months also increased to a net: +30.

The demand for temporary workers is also high in net: +17 in the short term and net: +10 in the medium term – although it has slowed compared to the previous rolling quarter.

With demand for staff remaining high, current labor shortages are expected to continue for some time, CER added.

Neil Carberry, CEO of REC, said: “Business confidence levels remain strong and this has led to sky-rocketing demand for workers. Demand continues to grow for both temporary and permanent workers, but permanent hiring is now leading the way after starting to pick up much later than for temporary workers. This model follows the model of previous occasions.

Meanwhile, despite problems caused by labor shortages, business confidence in the UK economy rose by one percentage point to a bottom line: +19.

In August, six in ten (58%) hiring agency workers faced a shortage of qualified candidates for current positions.

“This survey suggests that companies remained confident at the end of August that capacity constraints would not slow the recovery,” Carberry said. “Given the events of the past week, we will be watching next month’s numbers to see if that starts to change. It was good to see the government listen to business and introduce measures to help alleviate shortages of heavy truck drivers over the weekend – although driving was not the only industry to be badly hit by shortages of trucks. workforce. We would like to see a collaborative approach going forward, with government departments and industry experts coming together in a joint forum to try to resolve this crisis. “