Update on complaints filed by the employer


The Employer-Filed (Partial) Complaints (EFC) system has been reinstated with stricter security measures to improve the validity of personal and payment information used to determine entitlement to unemployment benefits. To prevent potential fraud and strengthen the integrity of our employer-filed (partial) complaints system, we are adding additional security requirements to our EFC process that reflect the requirements of individual complaints. Employers, employees / claimants and GDOL should work together to ensure the accuracy of the information submitted for unemployment claims, ensuring that payments are made appropriately and to the real people entitled to receive them. We all have integrity to protect and preserve the unemployment benefits available to people who meet the requirements.

An employee for whom a CEF has been filed will now have to:

  1. Set up and complete an EFC profile to include indication if an employer will file on their behalf and provide additional contact and payment information. This process can be completed prior to CEF submission. Individuals are strongly encouraged to keep their personal and payment information up to date to ensure the timely receipt of benefit payments and to ensure the security of their account information. This also ensures that they receive correspondence from GDOL.
  2. Verify their identity before an eligible payment is issued. ID.me verification is only required once for benefit payment to be made, unless an employee attempts to change their preferred payment information. More information about the ID.me process can be found at https://dol.georgia.gov/blog-post/idme.

These two additional steps must be completed by the employee together with an employer who files on their behalf to receive eligible benefit payments.

Employers can only submit CEFs for full-time employees (30 hours or more) who work less than full-time due to lack of work only and earn an amount not exceeding its weekly amount of unemployment insurance plus income allowance of $ 150. Employees will receive an email notification whenever an EFC is submitted using their personal information.

Employers can view complaint information on the Employer Portal for CEFs submitted under their employer account to establish initial complaints as of 03/15/2020. The details provide the monetary entitlement (period of the year of benefits, weekly and maximum amounts of benefits), the status of the EFC profile and the ID.me verification.


Filed by the employer

(Partial) Request for instructions from employee

informs employees of their responsibilities and requirements for receiving unemployment benefits. Employers should provide this form to employees for whom a CEF will be filed in order to minimize late payments.

If you have any questions, please contact Employer Complaints (Partial) at 404-232-3050 or email Employer Complaints.