Venture Kamloops Launches New Workforce Recruitment Tool for Employers | Radio NL

Venture Kamloops offers a new tool that companies can use to help them navigate the increasingly difficult job market.

Screenshot of Venture Kamloops’ digital assistant system on VK Workforce Development (Venture Kamloops)

VK Workforce Development gives employers access to the recruitment resources and tools they may need to hire people.

This includes an online component that allows the employer to streamline their needs, while giving them access to recruitment assistance.

“Hiring new talent with the right mix of skills is an increasingly difficult situation in Canada’s competitive and tight job market,” Venture Kamloops said in a statement.

“The data shows that this trend will continue over the next 10 to 15 years as baby boomers retire and Canada’s working-age population shrinks.

The VK Workforce Development site gives employers the opportunity to identify their needs, whether they are entry-level workers or highly skilled talents. It also provides links to sites where employers and businesses can apply for grants.

“Employers are struggling to find the time to research new recruiting channels, such as talent pools and hiring and training grants. Venture Kamloops has done its homework for employers and curated the search in this bespoke workforce development directory,” said Nicole Bruce, director of economic development for Venture Kamloops, in a statement.